Wendy Moniz

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About Wendy

As the product of adventurous parents who never stayed in one place long enough to feel like "locals", Wendy is happy to have called Del Ray home for the past 21 years. She and her husband Paul are proud to raise their children in such a vibrant, diverse, and inclusive community, where opportunities are open to all.

Their son Beck has been a part of ROAM since its very beginning, taking bass lessons as well as playing in and mentoring bands, along the way making life-long friends. Wendy remains hopeful that in his last year at ROAM he will actually play one of the songs from her playlist “Songs I wish Beck would play.”

Wendy has more than 25 years of experience in marketing communications, with the last 19 years specializing in social issue campaigns. She has managed some of the country’s most iconic public service advertising campaigns including Smokey Bear, Friends Don’t Let Friends Drive Drunk and is currently the project manager for the CDC’s Tips From Former Smokers campaign. She is thrilled to use her experience to generate awareness for Friends of ROAM.

In between plotting travel adventures, Wendy volunteers with AFS Cultural Exchange Programs, is still trying to learn the rules to field hockey, and is obsessed with two recently adopted bunnies, Dilly and Sgt. Pepper.