The Frank A. Phillips Memorial Scholarship

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The Frank A. Phillips Memorial Scholarship has been created to honor the father of long-time ROAM Coach Tom Phillips. Tom’s father, Frank Phillips Sr., passed away on July 29, 2019. He was a proponent for education and an example of how learning is never a finite process. Mr. Phillips Sr. was an accomplished musician since the age of 11, performing professionally in his teens. Mr. Phillips Sr., graduated from the Navy School of Music and later served in the United States Marine Corps from 1952-1966, first as a Marine Corps Bandsman and later as a Mainframe Computer Programmer and Systems Analyst. At the age of 51, Mr. Phillips Sr. enrolled in classical piano classes. For 74 of his 85 years, he was committed to bettering himself and enhancing his skills as a musician. He inspired and encouraged his children to do the same. Mr. Phillips Sr. was proud of the time and dedication his son, Tom, devotes to ROAM students and he would want to support young musicians in need of financial assistance. “He would be filled with great joy to know that even a small portion of another generation of musicians’ journeys were facilitated in his name.” – Tom Phillips

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