Music is the most complete and effective conveyance of the human condition. It is universal across the entire history of human experience. Music is connected to the analytical and emotional parts of us, and tied closely to our memories and sense of self. Through the ages, music has played important roles in major social movements, in progress toward bringing different groups of people together, and in expressing frustration, confusion, compassion, fear, and love in all of its forms. Since 2011, Rock of Ages Music (ROAM) has provide music education to hundreds of area students. The program’s professional private instruction, “rock school” ensembles, and summer camp programs enrich the lives of the students, create new music fans and build a community of artistic support. These and other benefits are highly valued by ROAM students, their families, and the larger community. Due to program costs, however, these benefits are largely unavailable to community members who cannot afford the price of instruments and tuition necessary to participate in private music education programs. The Friends of ROAM seeks to provide the means necessary for young musicians in need to obtain the music instruction otherwise not available to them. To achieve these objectives, the Friends of ROAM relies on the labor and expertise of interested and committed community volunteers led by a volunteer Board of Directors.

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Your donation will enable a young musician to attend:

$43 30-minute private music lesson
$60 45-minute private music lesson
$80 60-minute private music lesson
$172 per month = 4, 30 minute lessons
$1000 per semester of Rock School
$600 one-week enrollment in Rock School summer camp


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