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Jalyn & Tanisha

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Jalyn Henton and Tanisha Carino have lived in Alexandria since 2006. Their children, Jordan and Stella, are both ROAM students with their own bands (Lemon Juice and NÜDL). The family also plays in their own band at ROAM (Van Henton/The Plastic Carino Band), currently the only family band in the program.

In a previous life, Jalyn graduated with a Radio, Television, & Film degree from Auburn University. He utilized his degree to the fullest, working as a radio DJ and producer, as a programmer at PBS television, and as a film production coordinator in Atlanta. Jalyn worked on 15 motion pictures, including the film Remember The Titans (never knowing that his kids would one day attend the school featured in the movie). In his spare time, he drinks coffee, collects vinyl, and watches tons of old movies.

Tanisha Carino is an Alabama native, who fell in love with Springsteen's America and whose Spotify playlist resembles a tween’s tastes. She has spent her work life focused on improving health through the power of science.


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