Hello, I am 17 years old and in the 11th grade.I am currently playing the electric guitar and hope to learn new instruments.I was inspired by many artists like Steve Lacy, Artic Monkeys, and Ivan Cornejo.

Roam is the first program to provide me lessons for guitar. I started around 2 years ago in February. If it weren’t for the scholarship and Roam I wouldn’t have known how much I love playing the guitar. Roam has changed my life in many ways. With the help of lessons and concerts/shows I have been able to build up my confidence to do anything and face hard challenges. I wouldn’t be able to reach such a high point in learning the guitar if it weren’t for the scholarship.

I am now brave instead of being someone who is shy. Normally I would stay quiet in school and not participate in activities as much, but Roam has helped my confidence and I am striving and participating in many activities in school.

Performing makes me feel like I mean something. Not only does it feel like a fun way of showing off but it also makes me feel like I’m apart of a growing family who will soon reach bigger audiences. My goals for my future are to go to college and make music as a side hustle. A long term goal is to eventually reach a wide range of audiences who can notice my music and hard work.

I would love to appreciate and thank all the donors who have donated it means a lot to me and my family to achieve my dreams. Thank you so much to everyone at Roam and the teachers who teach in the program.

-A Scholarship Student


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